History and location

History and location


In the Ordinance n° 3.505 of March 1st, 1966 creating a National Education Department, educational and university guidance is one among other missions mentioned.

In 1987, the Government approved the creation of an Information Centre whose main objectives were to "collect and disseminate all the information necessary for young people, pupils and students, for the choice and the pursuit of their studies, as well as the study and professional outcomes which may be offered to them in the Principality".

Though it was specified that at the same time that "traditional school information would continue to be provided within schools".

More than 30 years after its establishment, progress in information and communication technology and exponential data growth helps to provide everyone with global information. However new needs have emerged especially regarding information and data management.

In close collaboration with schools in the Principality and Guidance Counselors, the National Education Information Centre aims to be a modern and active platform for all users.