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A rich and diverse document library is continuously updated and gathers main publishing in the area of school orientation such as: ONISEP, l’Étudiant, CIDJ, Studyrama…

Most of the documents are written in French.

ONISEP collection: not-to-be-missed resources

ONISEP Guides are updated each year at every school beginning.  Some of the titles are references such as:

  • Getting into 6th grade (L’Entrée en 6ème)
  • After 9th grade (Après la 3ème)
  • After 10th grade (Après la 2de)
  • Being in 11th grade (En 1ère)
  • The general and technological baccalaureates (Les Bacs généraux et technologiques)
  • After the baccalaureate (Après le Bac)
  • After the vocational baccalaureate (Après le Bac pro)
  • A handbook to registrations post baccalaureate (Le guide des inscriptions Post-Bac)
  • The apprenticeship (L’apprentissage)

A job dictionary (Dico des métiers): over 600 professionnal occupations are described under the form of a dictionary. It follows alphabetical order and has entries by center of interest. This fun and educational guide is especially adapted to middle-school students who usually do not have a precise career project. They are invited to wander through the professional world using multiple entries.

The Files (Les Dossiers) : Specific theme guides aimed to help high school and higher education students to get an overall view on main study paths, careers and trainings.

  • Files : after the baccalaureate (DOSSIERS : Après le Bac)
  • Files : Preparation classes for Higher Education Schools (DOSSIERS : Les Classes Prépa)
  • Files : Business schools (DOSSIERS : Les Écoles de Commerce)
  • Files : Engineering schools (DOSSIERS : Les Écoles d’Ingénieurs)
  • Files : Studying in fine arts and performing arts (DOSSIERS : Les Études d’Art)
  • Files : Science Po – School of Political Studies of Paris (DOSSIERS : Sciences Po)
  • Files : University (DOSSIERS : L’Université)
  • Files : What kind of jobs for the future? (Quels métiers pour demain?) 

The Tracks (Les Parcours) : They give to middle school and high school students an outline on professionnal sectors with their activities and their related education trail.
Some titles are referenced such as :

  • Tracks : job in the Social work (PARCOURS : les Métiers du Social)
  • Tracks : jobs related to the Web (PARCOURS : les Métiers du Web)
  • Tracks : jobs in the Energy sector (PARCOURS : les Métiers de l’Énergie)
  • Tracks : jobs in law and justice (PARCOURS : les Métiers du Droit et de la Justice)
  • Tracks : jobs in fashion and luxury (PARCOURS : les Métiers de la Mode et du Luxe)
  • Tracks : jobs in marketing and advertisement (PARCOURS : les Métiers du Marketing et de la Publicité)

Focus on Jobs (ZOOM MÉTIERS) Aimed at middle and high school students, they gives information about work sectors, employment and short curricula (vocational diplomas and certifications, CAP - BEP - BAC PRO - BTS - BUT). Written in partnership with professional associations and companies, this collection highlights some of the most unknown professional activities with jobs sheets and interview with active professionals.

Some of the titles referenced are:

  • Focus on jobs : jobs in the wholesale trade (Zoom Métiers : les Métiers du Commerce de gros)
  • Focus on jobs : jobs in landscaping (Zoom Métiers : les Métiers du Paysage)
  • Focus on jobs : jobs for Companions of Duty (Zoom Métiers : les Métiers des Compagnons du Devoir)
  • Focus on jobs : jobs in waste management (Zoom Métiers : les Métiers de la Propreté)

Diplomas (DIPLÔMES) : this collection focuses on diplomas and certificates. It gives a description of each diploma with goals, learning outcomes and professional outcomes. 
Several examples of the titles in that collection are :

  • From CAP to BTS/BUT (Du CAP au BTS / BUT)
  • Vocational baccalaureates (Les BACS PRO)
  • BUT (Les BUT)

The Atlas-ONISEP of initial training (L’ATLAS-ONISEP de la formation initiale) is a comprehensive digital repository with all the available trainings in France with adresses of all high school and higher education institutions.

120,000 curriculums in more than 20,500 training institutions and is equipped with a geographical research engine. This tool allows you to filter information according to the diploma, the work sector and the geographical sector.

CIDJ Sheets

Many different sheets on themes such as:

  • Higher education and diplomas
  • Continuous training
  • Competitive examinations
  • Work-linked training
  • Employment: introduction, requirements, career prospects
  • Bibliographies
  • Practical information: housing, healthcare, student jobs, abroad studies and jobs…

Library service

The CIEN acts also as a library where some of the books are available for loan.
Numerous documents published by L’Étudiant, are on loan. Two documents can be borrowed for a maximum duration of two weeks.
Selected documents include the followings:

  • What can I do with baccalaureate S?
  • What can I do with baccalaureate ES?
  • What can I do with baccalaureate L?
  • Selecting your Preparatory Class
  • Selecting your business school
  • Selecting your engineering school
  • Selecting your “BTS/BUT”
  • Succeeding in your medical studies
  • Jobs in sports
  • Jobs in the manufacturing sector
  • Jobs in communication
  • Jobs related to the Web
  • Jobs in the audio-visual sector

Online resources

Each year, the CIEN publishes training sheets on specific themes popular among high school students as well as a list of the most asked local schools
These sheets include:

  • Law studies
  • Political sciences studies
  • Science and Technology studies
  • Engineering studies
  • Literature, languages and human and social sciences
  • Business schools

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