ENIC network

The ENIC Monaco Centre has been part of the National Education Information Centre since 2008. Its mission is to facilitate international mobility through the recognition of diplomas.

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The ENIC-NARIC network

The NARIC network (National Academic Recognition Information Center) was created in 1984 by the Commission of the European Communities and includes the 27 countries of the European Union.

Initiated by UNESCO and the Council of Europe in 1997, the ENIC network (European Network of Information Centers) was created by the Lisbon Convention on the Recognition of Qualifications concerning Higher Education in the European Region, according to the same principles as the NARIC network. It includes 53 information agencies located in the various countries of the Europe region defined by UNESCO.

The purpose is to set up, in the countries of the Europe area defined by UNESCO, a network with contact points capable of providing information on legislation relating to higher education (recognition, quality assurance, level of studies, ECTS, diploma supplement and validation of acquired experience), statistics and the national diploma system.

Membership in this network enables to share information on education around the world in order to help students and professionals have their qualifications and skills recognized in a host country.

The centers of the ENIC network are appointed by the Ministries of Education of their respective countries in order to promote the Lisbon Recognition Convention (LRC). The Principality of Monaco joined the network in 2008. The National Education Information Center represents the Principality within the network.

Missions of the ENIC Monaco Centre

The ENIC Monaco Centre performs three main tasks:

  1. Establishing certificates of comparability of a diploma obtained abroad
  2. Giving the needed information to users, employers and public administrations on training courses, diplomas and higher education institutions abroad;
  3. Giving information abroad and especially to the ENIC-NARIC network regarding the quality and level of diplomas delivered in Monaco.

Certificate of comparability of a diploma obtained abroad

The ENIC Monaco Center establishes certificates of comparability of diplomas obtained abroad. Obtaining such a certificate is pursued for the 3 following reasons:

  1. Start or continue higher education studies in Monaco;
  2. Search for a job or help employers better understand your qualifications
  3. Set up or manage a business or exercise a regulated profession. The Public Administration of Monaco as a part of the request filing asks for that certificate. It cannot be considered, by any means, as an authorization to exercise a regulated profession.

The comparability certificate may not be used outside Monaco. It has no legal value. It only helps higher education institutions, employers or administration officers to understand:

  • the nature of the qualification;
  • the benefits and rights attached to the diploma in the country of deliverance.