Secondary education diploma (Baccalauréat)

Before you can enter higher education, you need to have passed the baccalauréat. But which bac should you choose?


The baccalauréat is the diploma that validates the end of secondary school education. Depending on the stream chosen, it enables you to enter the job market directly or to continue your studies in higher education. There are three types of baccalauréat: the general baccalauréat, the technological baccalauréat and the vocational baccalauréat. These three diplomas have the same level of qualification, but offer different specialities, apprenticeships and career opportunities.

The baccalauréat is awarded after three years' study at lycée. 

After 3ème, there are two main routes open to students:

  • Professional 
  • General and technological

The professional route enables students to learn a trade. Once they have their baccalauréat, graduates can enter the job market directly. However, some students choose to continue on to short (BTS, BUT) or long (licence, master, doctorate) higher education courses.

Secondary school courses offered at vocational colleges lead to a vocational baccalaureate specialising in the chosen field (agriculture, fashion, maritime, hotel and catering, food, beauty and well-being, administrative management, transport and logistics, etc.). In Monaco, it is possible to study for 7 professional baccalauréats, but there are many more. Find out about all the professional baccalaureates available in France on the ONISEP website.

The general and technological routes offer a common first year (with the exception of the specific STHR (Hotel and Catering Science and Technology) stream, which is prepared from seconde). In the second year, students can opt for:

Secondary education schemes in Monaco:

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