Conception of a training project and/or a professional project

Conception of a training project and/or a professional project

You are asking questions on educational orientation or your professional future (jobs, positions, employment opportunities)?
You have a hard time making a choice?

The Centre’s staff is at your disposal to support you in conceiving your training project.

Procede through steps. Your project is being built all along your training time by making choices in specialties, electives, options, minors, complementary curricula.

Get familiar with new approaches: I take charge of my educational orientation, I put myself in an active stance, I learn more on myself to make the right choices. This step emphasizes on knowing myself and my environment. What must be done? In what order? Which strategies should be developed to face potential obstacles?

Explore: go through documents, meet educational orientation professionals, or people working in your field of interest. A first approach on jobs to give motivation and deepen professional or educational orientation culture.

Organize: find a link between jobs and studies to understand better and especially help me make the right choices. Understand, sort out information, draw a map of the field to locate and position myself.

Synthesize: build a framework not leaving anything to chance. The main idea is to help set my goals so each step of my orientation goes smoothly and be in line with my profile. To do that, three steps should be followed while conceiving my project: what I want, what I can do, what means do I have to fulfil my wishes. Decision-making has to conciliate desires and means.

Project myself on several paths to feel at ease progressively.

Finalize my best orientation, taking into account my abilities and desires, positioning myself as a decision-maker. This step is about setting a plan and putting it into motion.

Practically, it means taking information, setting goals according to acquired or to-be acquired diplomas, preferences and eases for a particular education field and a job or a professional sector.

Keep in mind a project can evolve and several actors can have an influence: social environment, family, training opportunities, acquired new knowledge or ability, professional ambitions evolution…