Law... it's a broad field. Contrary to popular belief, there are not only long courses. It is possible to do short courses in this field. It all depends on the career you're aiming for.


The field of law

The legal professions cover a wide range of realities. However, there are two main categories:

  • unregulated professions (represented mainly by in-house lawyers specialising in various fields)
  • regulated professions in the public justice system. The latter are divided into two sub-groups, depending on whether they are practised by civil servants (magistrates, court clerks, prison wardens, etc.) or self-employed professionals (bailiffs, lawyers, notaries, etc.).

There are many different degrees in the field of law, from Bac+2 to Bac+8.


Short studies

Preconceived ideas be damned! You don't have to study for 8 years to work in the legal profession. Some degree courses (Bac+2 or Bac+3) allow you to enter the job market directly.

BTS Collaborateur juriste notarial (ex-BTS Notariat) (Bac+2)

This course was created with the aim of training notaries' assistants, who will be able to work in different structures: in a notary's office, in a departmental chamber of notaries, in a research centre or in the regional councils of notaries.


Please note: The BTS Collaborateur juriste notarial focuses on law, but there are other BTSs offering law courses (BTS Assurance, BTS Banque, BTS Professions Immobilières).

BUT Carrières Juridiques (Bac+3)

The BUT Carrières Juridiques provides training in legal, accounting and management techniques. The courses provide a solid grounding in the law, complemented by a good knowledge of business and its environment (business economics, accounting, management). A wide range of legal courses are taught: introduction to law, family law, contract law, business law, employment law, constitutional law, administrative law, etc. To complement these applied legal courses, students are also trained in methodology, accounting and management, foreign languages, communication and IT.


Long studies

Preparatory class D1

The ENS Economics D1 preparatory class - Economics and Management with the option of economics, law and management prepares students for the ENS Rennes. This dual 2-year course is run in partnership with the lycée and the university. 

The organisation of this double course means that students who have completed the D1 preparatory course can naturally continue into L3 in the Law stream. This also enables them to enter the most selective courses, in particular the IEP or the magistères de droit (post-Bac+2).

The nearest CPGE D1 is at the Lycée Stanislas in Nice.

License degrees in Law

A 3-year degree in law at university provides a grounding in public and private law, as well as the methodology of the legal profession.

Many universities have also begun to open up their courses to international students. They may offer courses combining French law, foreign law and language study. Some of these courses offer the opportunity to obtain a double degree, or to follow an integrated course and complete part of a degree abroad.


Master degrees in Law

Over 800 courses at bac+5 level are offered by more than 150 establishments (universities, IEP - Instituts d'Etudes Politiques, Sciences Po law school, law and justice vocational training schools, etc.).