Studying health and social care after 3ème

You can study to work in the health, social and entertainment sectors from the end of 3ème.  Here are a few courses and careers.

Health and paramedical

Bac pro ASSP : Accompagnement, soins et services à la personne

Bac pro service aux personnes et aux territoires

  • Access : No diploma required, contact the establishments
  • Duration of training: 2 to 3 years
  • Missions : Welcoming all kinds of visitors, providing support and services for people (children, the elderly and people with disabilities)
  • A school in the department preparing for this diploma : 


CAP AEPE : Accompagnement Educatif Petite Enfance

Diplôme d'Etat d'Auxiliaire de puériculture

Obtain the qualifications needed to work in the entertainment sector.

To find out about other careers and discover the possibilities after a baccalauréat, visit the "Studying in health and social care after the baccalauréat" page.

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