Parcoursup Platform

You're going to be hearing a lot about Parcoursup! It's THE platform for pre-registration for the first year of higher education in France.
Open to all future baccalaureate holders and students looking for a change of direction, it offers nearly 20,000 higher education courses. It's the best way to find out about the different courses available in France.


When you're in Terminale, it's not always easy to decide what you want to do. How do you make the right choice? How do you formulate your wishes and put together applications that will catch the eye of establishments? What deadlines need to be met? 
First of all, take a look at the Parcoursup 2023 timetable. Then take a look at the different stages in the procedure, and find out about the new features of Parcoursup each year and the special features specific to Monaco.

Parcoursup in 5 steps

Five not-to-be-missed steps to a successful back-to-school.

- Step 1 : Find out about training courses

In November and December, you can consult the courses listed on the platform. This is also the ideal time to find out about forums, career fairs and open days and how to take part. To do this, visit the websites of the schools and consult the information sheet on fairs and forums in Monaco and the Alpes-Maritimes.

Don't forget to find out what is new this year and what is special about Monaco:

Step 2 : Register, create your candidate file and make your wishes

From the end of January to the beginning of March, you can register on the platform. You will be given a file number: keep it safe!

If you are only interested in full-time courses, you can make up to 10 applications.

If you are interested in full-time courses and apprenticeships, you can make up to 20 applications (10 full-time courses and 10 apprenticeships).

Step 3 : Finalise your application and confirm your wishes

If you have not already done so, complete your application by adding all the information requested for each course. Also confirm all your wishes.

Step 4 : Receive replies from schools and respond to proposals - the admissions phase

In June and July, you will receive admission offers from the schools:

  • Yes: Your application has been accepted.
  • No: Your application has been rejected.
  • Yes, if: You will be accepted onto the course on condition that you follow a refresher course. This enables you to consolidate the skills you need to follow your chosen course and succeed in higher education.
  • Pending: Your application has been accepted, but the maximum number of places offered has already been reached. You are therefore on the waiting list. Your place on this list will change according to the choices made by the other applicants. So be patient!

Then it's up to you! Reply to the admission offers within the deadlines set by each course.

- Step 5 : Participate in the complementary phase

Your participation in this phase of the process is optional.
The complementary phase is open to all applicants, whether or not they are already registered on Parcoursup :

  • For those who are not registered, this is the time to create a file. 
  • Applicants who have already accepted an offer of admission in the main phase can make new wishes in the complementary phase for courses that interest them more and that still have places available.
  • For applicants who have been rejected or put on the waiting list for all their wishes.
Attention !!!! - Panneau danger

Administrative registration

Warning! Whether you are registered on Parcoursup or not, you must register with the school you have chosen. All the registration procedures are detailed in the Parcoursup application and on the school's website. 

If you do not respect the registration deadlines set by the institution, you risk losing your place, which will be offered to another applicant. 

Finally, don't forget that the whole team at the CIEN is available to answer any questions you may have.